Restaurant kitchens close over chef shortage in New Zealand

(from Restaurateurs say a nationwide chef shortage has reached a critical level, leaving some establishments so short-staffed they're having to slash opening hours.

The tourism boom and a trend to eat out more has led to a nationwide shortage of cooks and the industry says more needs to be done to keep kitchens running.

The kitchen is busy at Cafe Hanoi in Auckland's trendy Britomart precinct. But finding staff to man the knives is a tough task.

Jason van Dorsten has been constantly advertising for chefs for the past four years.

“We're talking $10,000 a year spending on just placing ads – this is substantial this problem,” he says.

An increase in tourism and a change in the way we're eating are to blame, with Kiwis dining out more than ever before.

The restaurant sector has grown at almost 5 percent annually for the past five years. That should be great news for restaurateurs but many can't make the most of it.

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