Life In New Zealand

Learn in a safe, peaceful environment – explore a beautiful country

When you want to concentrate on your education, it is good to know that you are supported and safe. That is what you will find in New Zealand – friendly people, a peaceful place to live – and you will get well looked after while you study.

In New Zealand we have a high level of freedom and prosperity, and that means you are more likely to find work if your visa allows. When you need a holiday, you have many choices – mountains, beaches, thermal hot pools, even city nightlife.

About NZ

New Zealand is made up of two main islands and many smaller ones in the Pacific Ocean. Being in the mid-latitudes and surrounded by the sea, our climate is temperate, with warm summers and cool winters.

People and Culture

First settled by Maori about 1000 years ago, New Zealand Europeans arrive around 200 years ago. An British colony in 1840, then achieving independence in1852 the country was founded without the rigid class system and with a more relaxed lifestyle. That attitude continued, with New Zealand being the world’s first country to give all citizens, including women, the right to vote. We continue to lead the world in human rights to this day.

Our legal system, parliamentary democracy, and culture is very similar to the UK, but with a more relaxed attitude.

In the past thirty years the government has encouraged migration from Asian countries as well as traditional European sources. Today the country is more densely populated in the North with both New Zealand-born and migrant people. With the addition of Maori culture, and a passion for sport, we have a unique mix.

As a result, New Zealanders are proud to “Think New” – that is, finding new ways of thinking and solving problems.

Our unique natural environment

The North Island and the South Island have mountainous backbones, with flat areas around the coast. These are perfect for farming, and provide spectacular scenery and many recreation opportunities. We also have one of the most diverse range of plants and animals in the world.

Kiwis – a people, a bird, a fruit

The Kiwi is a unique native bird of New Zealand – New Zealand people are often called “Kiwis.” Kiwifruit, sometimes also called “Kiwis” are a good example of New Zealanders’ innovative thinking. Over 100 years ago, Chinese Gooseberries were brought back from China, and were recently bred scientifically to improve the quality. Because they looked a bit like Kiwi birds, they were re-named Kiwifruit, and became a huge marketing success, being sold all around the world.

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