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What to do before you travel to New Zealand

You have paid your tuition and you have your visa, but there is still a lot to arrange before you travel. Choose New Zealand can help you get organised with our Pre-Arrival Support Package.

For a very affordable price, (further discount apply if you applied to study through us), our support package includes help with:

  • The best deals on flight bookings
  • Arranging medical and travel insurance – required by the New Zealand government and arranged through Southern Cross Travel –
  • Finding accommodation in New Zealand
  • Communication – we will contact you with information in your language about travel arrangements, and we can provide a mobile SIM card so you can call your family when you arrive
  • Transport between terminals and from the airport – we get you where you need to go
  • Welcome and orientation – help on how to settle in and where to go

Departure checklist

Here is a checklist of preparations you may need to make before you leave. (Depends on the length of your stay, and what you intend to do after completing your course.)

You must have

  • Letter of Offer from the school/institution
  • Passport
  • Other official identification such as driver’s license, national ID card
  • Cash, credit card
  • Receipts for payment of fees and accommodation
  • Laptop computer if needed for your course
  • Electrical plug or adaptor for Australia/New Zealand
  • Medication prescribed by your doctor. (You may need to check whether it is readily available in New Zealand, and whether you can legally bring it with you.)

You should probably have

  • Photos of family and home
  • Small gifts from your country for your new international friends
  • National outfit or costume (if you have one)
  • Laptop computer
  • Cell phone with roaming access (or able to accept NZ SIM card)

You might need to have

  • Originals of academic transcripts
  • Medical records etc

What not to bring!!!

Restricted and banned items

Because New Zealand is an island nation we are lucky to be free of many of the world’s serious pests and diseases, and we try hard to prevent them arriving here. But pests and diseases can be brought into New Zealand in your baggage, and can pose a serious threat to New Zealand’s agriculture and environment. So, it is best not to bring any food, animals or animal products, plants or parts of plants with you. Not all of these are prohibited, but it’s easier for you not to bring them. Some items – such as meat, fruit and honey – are never allowed at all.

Banned items include illegal drugs, pornography, and products from endangered species. We are also free of snakes, dangerous and poisonous animals and insects.

Pets – leave them at home

It’s an expensive and lengthy process to bring cats, dogs or other pets into New Zealand, often taking more than six months. Only people who are planning to live permanently in New Zealand should consider bringing their pets with them. 

Eligibility for Health Services

Please note that most international students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand. If you receive medical treatment during your visit, you may be liable for the full costs of that treatment. To check your entitlement to publicly funded health services go to:

Accident Insurance

The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents, and temporary visitors to New Zealand, but you may still be liable for all other medical and related costs. Further information can be viewed on the ACC website at

While Studying

Be supported and cared for while you study

NZQA requires all schools and institutions to provide for the welfare of enrolled international students while they are studying. To find out more, click here.

At Choose New Zealand we have staff who speak a wide range of languages. If you have enrolled through us or our partner agents, you will get more support than what individual schools offer.

Our service packages include”

Basic Support Package

  • Language support by phone during working hours
  • Visa renewal help
  • Future study plan (pathway) advice.

Pre-Arrival Support Package

  • Flight booking
  • Medical and travel insurance arrangement
  • Pre-arrival communication
  • Airport pick-up / Transfer service from International to Domestic Terminal
  • Welcome orientation

Premier Support Package* includes the above basic services, plus:

  • A free mobile SIM card
  • Medical assistance
  • Helping register IRD number
  • Helping you make an insurance claim
  • Booking holiday flights 
  • Opening a bank account
  • Finding accommodation
  • Monthly phone communication with you
  • Communication with your school or institute

Guardianship Services

When your child is away from home, you will want to know that they are safe and doing well. ChooseNZ offers a Guardianship service to monitor a student’s progress and well-being, and report to parents in their language.

Our Guardianship Service includes:

  • Before and when student arrive:
    • Arrange the best deal on air ticket costs with the local and international travel agencies if required.
    • Assistance with purchase of medical and travel insurance for all international students with one of New Zealand’s most respected and knowledgeable travel insurer.
    • Arrange the pre-arrival communication and booklet.
    • Airport arrival greeting and transfer to homestay family or transfer-service from International Terminal to Domestic Terminal.
    • Welcome Orientation after you arrive in New Zealand to tell you more about New Zealand lifestyle, customs, and school life.
  • Help student to settle in:
    • Arrange a free mobile SIM Card plus top up of NZ$20.00 for the first month.
    • Assistance with opening bank account.
    • Arrange for doctor/hospital visits when and if required.
    • Assistance to register with a General Practice Doctor.
    • Assistance to claim Insurance with our travel insurance provider.
    • Arrange the best deal on air ticket costs with the local and international travel agencies during the holiday break period.
    • Assistance with finding new accommodation and arranging the necessary services with moving company or our contractor (extra charges apply).
    • Monthly communication with student by phone/email.
    • Assistance to communicate on behalf of students with student’s education provider relating with any concerning issues.
  • Look after student while studying:
    • Attending school’s parent information meeting and parent interview and corresponding in their native language the meeting report directly to student’s parents/agency in home country.
    • Arrange with trust account to manage student’s living expenses on behalf of parents if required
    • Interview student face to face as required/on request, send a report to parents, and raise issues with the school on request.
    • Liaise with the educational institution, including signing documents with the educational institution on behalf of the parents.
    • Assistance to communicate between school, parents and students if required.
    • Arrange the 24/7 personal safety and protection with the third party (2 Life security protection)
    • 24/7 emergency contact hotline and emergency assistance if required.
    • Arrangements/assistance for parents to come to visit their children for example: airport transfer, accommodation arrangement, school visit (Note: we only provide information re third party service to parents, they are liable for all bills). 

*Terms and conditions apply

Download our booklet to know more details of our Comprehensive Services for International Students.

Read more about The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016

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