Joining Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Choose New Zealand (Novo Education) has joined the Auckland Chamber of Commerce to enhance our connection with businesses in Auckland and improve our services we provide to our clients. With the resources and other support from The Chamber we will be able to better serve our students and help them to learn job seeking skills, and connect to potential employers. We are very much looking forward to working further with The Chamber.

About The Chamber:

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce is a body of some thirty Chambers throughout New Zealand, supporting over 12,000 members and representing over 40 million businesses. The Auckland Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary association of companies and individuals engaged in business activities in the Auckland region.

It is dedicated to the development of international, national and regional trade through –

Freedom of enterprise for those who by their individual and corporate talents contribute real economic, social and cultural wealth to the community.
The development of a market economy in which there is minimal interference from central and local government.
The strengthening of Auckland's place as New Zealand's pre-eminent commercial, industrial and communications centre.
Assisting the development of the region in creating a desirable commercial and industrial environment for its citizens.

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