Covid-19 Update Three

Restrictions have been lifted somewhat on certain visa holders, allowing the right to work full- or part-time at a supermarket during the lockdown: from 25/03/20 to 25/04/20 ONLY. However, please note that the exceptions are only allowed in very specific circumstances, so please make sure you fully understand the new policy before taking action, or you could be in breach of your Visa conditions: You must meet ALL of the conditions below to qualify: 1. You must currently hold either (a) A Student Visa with part-time work conditions; or (b) a Work Visa; or (c) an Interim Visa where your previous visa was a Work Visa or a Student Visa (with work conditions); and 2. You must have been already employed by a supermarket on 23/03/2020, working in supplying goods for that supermarket (ie. you cannot apply for a new supermarket job now and enjoy full-time work rights); and 3. You must work for a supermarket affiliated with Woolworths NZ Limited, Foodstuffs North Island Limited, or Foodstuffs South Island Limited. Ask your local supermarket if they are affiliated with these companies. We hope this policy will cause some relief to certain worried migrants, but please do note that the allowance is more restrictive than it may appear. We are certainly not suggesting that anyone can work at a supermarket at this time. Keep safe, keep informed, and keep in touch!

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