Covid-19 Update One

We at Choose New Zealand are working tirelessly to keep up to date with the constantly changing policy and Immigration New Zealand operational procedures during this difficult time.

As of now, we are receiving conflicting information about whether visa processing branches will shut down or remain open. We have also enquired about whether application deadlines can be extended and received no clear answer. We are therefore unable to provide any reliable guidance on these matters at this time.

However, please note that the lockdown does NOT mean your visa will be automatically extended as of today: such extensions will only take place if your visa is expires between 02/04/20 and 09/04/20 (inclusive). Do contact us if you are unsure of anything – assume nothing, and always be careful you fully understand your visa expiry date and the conditions of your visa.
We will continue to keep up to date with unfolding events, and promise to do everything we can to take care of our valued clients during this stressful period.
Please refer to the links below for official INZ information on the current situation.

For students:
For employers:
For all migrants, including current visa holders in New Zealand:

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