The symmetrical cone of Mt Taranaki (an inactive volcano) dominates the landscape. Surrounding the mountain are fertile dairy farms. New Plymouth is the main centre, well known for music and garden festivals.


In recent years Taranaki has become the centre of New Zealand’s oil and natural gas production. The region offers retail and hospitality jobs, and also long term careers in the oil and gas industry.

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Four ways that studying at Taranaki may be better than studying in Auckland

Taranaki is a wealthy farming province, with New Zealand’s oil and gas industry centered on its capital, New Plymouth.

  • Cost of accommodation is much cheaper
  • Student Hostel: $155 p/w at WITT; over $350 p/w in Auckland
  • Rental: $360 p/w for 3 bedroom house; $650 p/w for the same in Auckland
  • Transport is much cheaper

  • WITT students can travel free on most buses; Auckland could cost up to $15 per day or more for bus travel,  even with  student discount

  • Parking: $1/hr in New Plymouth; $3/hr in Auckland

  • New Plymouth is compact and flat – easy to walk or bike around. Auckland is spread out and hilly and you really need a car to be able to enjoy all of the attractions.

  • Courses are very employment focused – and if you get a Skilled Job locally after completion, you can get very important bonus points for your Residency application.


  • Lots of attractions
  • Outdoor activities (cycle/walk/climb) and sport

  • Famous art gallery and annual WOMAD festival and garden festivals

  • Very active Filipino community

  • Organize and promote events in the community (from pot luck lunches to beauty pageants)

  • Acknowledge successes of the Filipino community via their website, Facebook page and newsletters http://taranakifilipino.org/blog/ and https://www.facebook.com/taranakifilipinosociety/

  • Filipino basketball league as part of the Pistang Pilipino Labour Weekend festival. Over 4000 Filipinos participated in the festival, with 50 teams competing in the tournament.

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