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Study in NZ - FAQs

Many questions need detailed answers. Please tell us if you need further explanation of any of these points.

1. What fees do I need to pay, and how do I pay them?

  • There is no Fee payable to Choose New Zealand (Novo Education) for helping you enrol in any course, or for guidance in applying for a Student Visa. Several institutions pay us a fee to promote them, but if they do not have suitable course, we can arrange entry into almost any course at any institution in New Zealand. (Assuming you qualify for entry – See Q2 below).
  • You will need to pay a Student Visa Application Fee to Immigration New Zealand (approximately NZ$250) by Credit Card or Bank Cheque.
  • You do not pay any tuition fees until after you have received Approval in Principal (AIP) of your visa application.
  • You then pay the fees directly to the Institution, get a receipt for INZ, and get the Student Visa.
  • You may wish to use additional services of Choose New Zealand, but that is not compulsory. Services, for which you will be charged separately, include
    • Help from a Licensed Immigration Advisor, for difficult cases
    • Airport Greeting and Pickup
    • Accommodation arrangement
    • Settlement package, including Job Search Support


2. Will I be able to get accepted into a course?

With a Bachelor degree in your country (= NZ Level 7), you will almost certainly get you entry into

  • A Level 9 Masters, or Level 8 Post Graduate Diploma course in the same subject as your Bachelor degree, (or very similar)
  • A Level 9 Masters or Level 8 Post Graduate Diploma course in a “practical” subject where you can show that you have relevant Work Experience (eg Applied Management, Early Childhood Education)
  • A Level 7 Graduate Diploma in almost any subject (effectively giving you a second major to your degree) – usually you will need to explain motivation for your choice
  • A Level 7 Diploma in many subjects where you can show some prior learning or experience, for example
    • some prior management studies, or WE, for a Management diploma;
    • some prior computing studies, or WE, for an I.T. diploma etc

If you do not have a Bachelor degree, you can probably get accepted into a lower level course, depending on your High School results, diploma study, Work Experience etc. However, you will need to study for “2 academic years” to qualify for the “Study to Residence Pathway.”


3. What type of course would be appropriate for Student Visa approval?

Your proposed course should be a logical pathway for you, based on your previous qualification AND

your Work Experience (if you have any) OR your potential employment (e.g. taking over a family business)

Therefore, if you already have a Bachelor degree (Level 7), it is unlikely that studying a course at Level 4 or 5 would be acceptable to INZ unless you can show a logical reason. Eg Cooking courses (Level 4/5) – may be acceptable for a Bachelor of Restaurant Management; or a Nurse entering family restaurant business etc


4. What next – how do I apply?

Whatever course you want, you will almost certainly need to prove your English ability. The first step then is to get assessed for suitability for entry. If you do not have the proof of English ability, you will be given a “Conditional Offer of Place.” Once you have satisfied the English requirements (for example by IELTS exam) you will be given an unconditional “Offer of Place.”

To apply for a course, you therefore need to send

  • A copy of the photo-page of your passport
  • A copy of your Academic Record (Transcript of Results)
  • Your CV
  • Proof of English ability if you have it


5. What financial support will I need?

You will be permitted to work 20 hours per week while studying, and full-time during vacations. However, Immigration NZ requires that you can show that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while you study, without working, at NZ$1250 per month for 12 months.

Please note

  • The $1250 INZ requirement is fairly accurate. Most students can earn enough in the 20 hours per week to live modestly.
  • Taxes are taken from earnings, and paid directly to the government (Pay As You Earn: PAYE)
  • For one “Academic year” actual study will be about 38 weeks, with 14 weeks of vacation

You may be able to get sponsorship or other financial support


6. How long will everything take?

After we receive your documents, we will confirm with you which course you are interested in, and will request the institution to assess your suitability. Some are very quick, but others are not, and you can expect it to take 5 to 14 days to get a reply.

After you have received an unconditional “Offer of Place” and a “Fees Invoice” you need to submit an application for a Student Visa to Immigration New Zealand. INZ provides lots of information about what you need to submit for that, and we can guide you to that information.

Assessment of your SV application will usually take between 5 and 30 days, depending on the quality of your application, and how busy INZ are at that time.

After receiving your AIP, it will take only a few days to send your fees to the institution, get a receipt, and your Visa issued.

Please note: Most government institutions (Universities and ITPs) have only 2 intakes: Mid- February, and mid- July. Many Private providers have intakes spread throughout the year.

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