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Bachelor of Business Studies

ACCY5.01 - Introduction to Accounting

ACCY5.02 - Accounting Applications (Accounting Major ONLY)

ACCY5.01 - Introduction to Accounting

BSOP5.01 - Business Operations

COMM5.01 - Organisational Communication

ECON5.01 - Economic Principles

ITDT5.220 - Data

ITPR5.500 - Introduction to Programming

ITSP5.01 - Information Systems Principles

LAWS5.01 - Law for Business

MGMT5.01 - Introduction to Management

MKTY5.01 - Marketing Principles

QUAN5.01 - Quantitative Analysis

ACCY6.01 - Financial Accounting

ACCY6.02 - Management Accounting

ACCY6.03 - Principles of Managerial Finance

ACCY6.04 - Accounting Information Systems

COMM6.01 - Public Relations

ITPM6.310 - Project Management

ITSD6.340 - Systems Analysis and Design 1

LAWS6.01 - Corporate Law

MGMT6.01 - Supply Chain Management

MGMT6.02 - Designing and Improving Operations

MGMT6.03 - Human Resource Management

MGMT6.04 - Organisational Behaviour

MGMT6.05 - Employment Relations

MGMT6.06 - Business Planning

MKTY6.05 - Branding

MKTY6.06 - Marketing Communication

MKTY6.03 - Consumer Behaviour

MKTY6.04 - Sales Practice

RESM6.01 - Research Methods

ACCY7.01 - Advanced Financial Accounting

ACCY7.02 - Advanced Management Accounting

ACCY7.03 - Industry-Based Learning - Accounting

ACCY7.11 - Corporate Finance

ACCY7.12 - Special Topic in Accounting, Finance or Law

ACCY7.13 - Special Research Topic in Accounting, Finance or Law

ACCY7.14 - Business Project - Accounting

INTB7.01 - International Business

ITIS7.03 - Industry Based Learning - Information Systems

ITIS7.14 - Business Project - Information Systems

ITIM7.450 - Information Technology Management

LAWS7.10 - Current Legal Issues

MGMT7.01 - Strategic Management

MGMT7.03 - Industry-Based Learning - Management

MGMT7.04 - Strategic Operations Management

MGMT7.05 - Advanced Human Resource Management

MGMT7.07 - Career Management

MGMT7.08 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MGMT7.12 - Special Topic in Management

MGMT7.13 - Research Topic in Management

MGMT7.14 - Business Project - Management

MKTY7.02 - Strategic Marketing

MKTY7.03 - Industry-Based Learning - Marketing

MKTY7.04 - Marketing Research

MKTY7.12 - Special Topic in Marketing

MKTY7.13 - Research Topic in Marketing

MKTY7.14 - Business Project - Marketing

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