Mayur Bhardwaj from NZSEG visits CNZ

It was great to have Mayur Bhardwaj, the International Market Manager from NZSEG visiting us on Thursday. We were very excited to hear all the recent updates from NZSE, especially

Badminton Double NZNS Sports Championship

   The Badminton Double Open of the NZNS Sports Championship is on today. The Choose New Zealand team and our partner UP Education are back to support our Nepali community.

Yoobee Colleges Open Day 2021

   The Choose New Zealand team was at Yoobee Colleges Open Day last Friday. There was so much going on during the day and our team was excited to witness

Certificate from Massey in partnership with Kaplan

Thanks to Isabella Mory, the Senior Manager of Kaplan International NZ, for visiting our office on Wednesday. We were excited to receive the updated Certificate of Representation from Massey University